Notre Dame has definitely broadened my awareness in social media. The lectures have enlightened me about eLearning, through the use of computers/laptops, blogging, mobile devices and Interactive Whiteboards. I’ve discovered that eLearning is an alternative way of developing knowledge. Just last week, I completed my anaphylaxis training via the internet in the comfort of my own home.

In week two, I was informed about learning opportunities with iPads and mobile phones. Isard, J (2012) argues that technology should be harnessed by teachers in the classroom. It claimed students were more engaged because they took control of their learning. Students are able to control the pace. This gives them the power to complete a task…thus motivation.

However, I totally disagree with mobiles/iPads in the classroom. In 2009, my grade was given laptops (granted by the government). Although it was a very exciting period at school, we were more motivated to complete level 5 in Bubble Struggle (online game) than complete our mathematics tasks. On reflection, the laptop became my new toy and was not utilised as the teachers expected. Interactive Whiteboards are a great tool if effectively used by the teacher. This requires the teacher to deliver stimulating lessons and visuals that can be geared to an inclusive classroom.

Blogging is another aspect of eLearning. I love the idea that students can express their own opinions and thoughts, and have people comment. By having classroom blogs it allows the teacher to read students thoughts. From this, a teacher/lecturer may change a lesson plan to maintain student’s engagement.

Isard, J. (2012). Why mobile technology makes sense in the 21st century classroom. The Professional Educator, 10-11.

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